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Mr Bean celebrates his birthday himself in the restaurant with Teddy, unaware that he is to dine together with a celebrity couple, but the waiter takes a fall and Bean is registered to the kitchen. Unfortunately, the lobster that he served to the guest has escaped so he tries to make a fake lobster using carrots, but it only angers the star actor. Then, when he tries to finish Bean off, the lobster attacks and being pursued by it and the cameras. Later, Mr. Bean and the actress exit the restaurant and the actress kisses him.

Jurassic Bean
While Mr Bean is taking photos of wildlife including the foxes (from the episode „In the Wild“) he sees big footprints which belong to a dinosaur. He runs away from it until he gets an idea to take a photo of it, hoping he’ll become famous. However, the dinosaur turns out to be part of a set for a movie called Jurassic Hero and Bean added to the cast and becomes the star.

Valuable Lessons
After noticing Mr. Bean and Mrs. Wicket with a lot of riches, the burglar duo hatch up an evil plan. One of them disguised himself as a gentleman in order to propose to Ms. Wicket in hopes on getting riches, but Bean and Scrapper are suspicious. The burglar duo are arrested yet again but leaves Mrs. Wicket heartbroken.

Ball Pool
Mr Bean cannot play inside the local soft play area, so he decides to convert his flat in a play area.

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